About Us

In January of 2007  my husband and I came to Revelstoke for a three-day weekend.  We were here just to check out what all the hype was surrounding this mysterious, interior, big mountain town and afterwards return to our lives in Invermere, BC.  However after three days we were completely hooked, 100% commited to making the move, starting our lives over and planting our roots.

Six years later the ‘Big Shreddy’ was born when we purchased our home in the Big Eddy part of town.

Revelstoke is a wonderful community filled with people who share a very common bond and love for the mountains.  Who knew a little town like Revy had so much to offer.

We are located near Boulder Mountain and frisby Ridge (bike and sled meccas), Mt Macpherson (well established bike trails, XC ski trails and ski touring), and are a short 10 minute drive to Revelstoke Mountain Resort (legendary lift access skiing).

40 – 60 ft of snow annually make all of these spots pretty darn rad for any enthusiest and in the summer there are beautiful walking and hiking trails all over the place.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi I have reservations for July 6 to 7 with you guys. We are in a “holding pattern” right now as my husband’s brother has kidney cancer and is in hospice as we speak. Hoping we can still make the trip but we are currently unsure of our plans. Do I need to do anything with the reservation? I would still like to hold it as you guys are the first place on our road trip. Thanks

    • Hi Ann. So sorry to hear about your brother in law. A very tragic disease that has affected my family as well.
      You’re booked through Airbnb am I right? Leave the booking as is and let me know your decision whenever that might be. I’ll wave any deposits or cancellation policies for you given your circinstances. If you need to cancel go ahead and put it through on your end and I’ll will reimburse you the full amount. Don’t worry about any of that.
      Kindest regards,

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